transmissionMarino’s Automotive offers complete transmission service and repair to Mooresville and the surrounding area. Call 317-834-0605 or visit our shop in Mooresville for professional transmission service and repair.

Transmission service includes:

  • Road test for engine performance
  • Inspect condition of transmission fluid
  • Inspect transmission mount and linkage
  • Inspect transmissions and transmission cooler for leaks
  • Remove transmission pan, replace filter and pan gasket, and clean transmission pan
  • Adjust bands and throttle linkage, as required
  • Flush transmission cooler as required
  • Top off transmission fluid
Since 1995, Marino’s Automotive has been providing professional service and expert auto repair to Mooresville, Indianapolis, Greenwood, & the surrounding area. If you need auto or transmission service that you can trust, call the pros at Marino’s Automotive for all your auto repair needs.